Why Cedar City, UT

Where Your Journey Begins

Cedar City is a transformative and empowering choice for our young adults. Here, you can embrace well-being and step into independence within a warm and nurturing community. Your path to success begins here!

If you're a young adult embarking on the exciting journey of your next steps in independence, whether it's pursuing higher education, looking for employment, or seeking a new adventure, Cedar City is a hidden gem. This vibrant and welcoming city offers a unique blend of opportunities and experiences that cater to the needs and aspirations of young adults. 

A College Town

Cedar City is a college town with a strong connection to Southern Utah University (SUU). SUU shapes the local culture with numerous cultural events, including theater productions at the Tony Award-winning Utah Shakespeare Festival, art exhibitions, and music performances, enriching the city's cultural landscape. 

SUU is known for its excellent academic programs and supportive community. Whether you are getting back in the habit of attending school, or if you are just wanting to get experience in a college setting and attending classes SUU provides a diverse range of options. The campus offers a rich array of cultural and extracurricular activities, ensuring a well-rounded college experience.

Young adults aspiring to a career-focused education, Southwest Tech is the place to be. The college offers a diverse range of career-focused programs. Whether someone is passionate about technology, healthcare, or skilled trades, Southwest Tech provides hands-on training and industry-relevant education, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for their chosen fields.


The Outdoors

For those who crave adventure and outdoor activities, Cedar City is a gateway to many natural wonders. Located near five national parks, including Zion and Bryce Canyon, Cedar offers  hiking, biking, rock climbing, and camping opportunities. These stunning landscapes offer not only recreational enjoyment but also a sense of serenity and inspiration. Brian Head is Engage’s ski and snowboarding resort, which we

The Place to Find Work 

Cedar City's economy is thriving, offering a range of job opportunities. With a growing business community, you'll find positions in healthcare, education, tourism, and technology.

Affordable Living 

The cost of living in Cedar City is lower than in many major metropolitan areas, with reasonable housing, transportation, and daily expenses. Our welcoming community and vibrant atmosphere contribute to its appeal, providing a supportive environment for young adults to focus on their mental health and their pursuits without the burdensome financial pressures often associated with higher education. With its combination of affordable tuition, affordable living costs, and a quality educational institution, Cedar City, Utah is a great destination for young adults seeking a budget-friendly experience.

Southern Utah Living

We enjoy a low crime rate, clean air, and stunning natural surroundings, Cedar City offers a high quality of life. The city's manageable size ensures a short commute, giving you more time to enjoy your pursuits and passions outside of work or school.

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