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Engage's Young Adult

Struggling with mental health 

An ENGAGE candidate is a young adult that is struggling with their mental health that is often limiting their ability to be independent. These challenges may be depression, anxiety, loneliness, trauma, and lack of purpose. 

Looking for an Engaging Environment 

Our participants often feel stuck, lack motivation, and are withdrawing from others. They are looking for an ENGAGING environment that promotes independence outside the world of treatment. They may feel the burnout from participating in a traditional therapeutic environment, yet still need clinically sophisticated treatment that is meaningful and impactful. 

Seeking Connection 

The Engage young adult is seeking connection and are motivated by relationships. Engage is the right fit for the individual who is open to receive therapeutic assistance to gain a sense of understanding, focus and clarity to begin to freely move into healthy independence. Engage young adults are looking for a therapeutic community that offers a wide range of life skills taught in a highly supportive and mentoring environment. 

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