Our Model

Secure Base

Our clinical and staffing models are guided by attachment theory and scientifically sound research. We can’t even begin to heal and grow if we do not feel safe. A safe environment and healthy connections is the foundation for healing and growth. Our mission is to create a secure base for our participants to continue their journey in seeking safety, self-discovery and growth. Engage is that secure base for exploration and updating our relational operating system.

Small Clinical Setting

Our model is intentionally designed to support young adults experiencing attachment and relational distress. Our smaller social and clinical settings directed by the participants' primary therapists better allows for deeper connections and sustained relational corrective experiences. Engage therapists oversee and guide their team of 6 to 8 participants and their Engage certified WholeFITT life coaches. The healing and growth expands beyond the primary therapists and life coaches. Engage participants are encouraged to build therapeutic relationships with their peers and the Cedar City community. 

Connection is the Intervention and the Outcome

The therapists and the participants' WholeFITT life coaches strive to be reliable, attentive and sympathetic to our participants.  The healing nature of participants' meaningful connections with their therapists, life coaches and the community provides a therapeutic opportunity to revise ineffective working models or what we call the relational operating system. Research reveals that our working models are malleable during adulthood and that therapeutic experiences with new relationships partners can produce beneficial updates to our relational operating system. Through Engage’s therapeutic guidance one can better experience stronger emotional connections and develop new responses to familiar relationships challenges.

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Engage principles are driven by understanding and supporting the developmental needs of the young adult and that is why we believe it is vital for our staff to be certified WholeFITT life coaches. Effective young adult treatment entails that the program has the knowledge and the tools to best support the individual to move freely into independence and healthy adulthood. Supervision is not the focus. Coaching and mentor is now the focus. Our therapists and life coaches are here to honor the young adults' need to gain independence and freely move to a more secure sense of self and their relationships. WholeFITT is the process of guiding and facilitating a change while meeting the individual where they are and where they want to go. WholeFITT Active and experiential learning


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