Our Attachment Approach

What is Attachment

Attachment is our personal operating system that supports the foundation of self-esteem, emotional regulation, personality development and the way we engage in our relationships.  Attachment experiences shape our operating system that guides and directs our way of being. Humans are complex individuals and many mental health struggles result from multiple converging processes. Research indicates that attachment distress predisposes people to psychological challenges. We believe the root of many mental health struggles is a disruption in attachment. Attachment is the root and the solution.

Attachment Driven

Attachment driven means cultivating a therapeutic environment that supports security, exploration and connection.  We are intentionally attachment focused. Attachment driven is creating therapeutic opportunities to better understand one’s attachment history and how it is currently shaping one’s internal working model. Through the power of healing relationships and experiences we are capable of updating our attachment system that is a more accurate reflection of ourselves and the confidence to connect. Interactions with security enhancing figures become the building blocks of developing secure attachment.


Listen to Dr. Jack Hinman discuss Young Adult Attachment

Young adulthood provides a unique opportunity to heal from attachment related issues. Attachment theory is a major influence in how treat our young adults at Engage. Dr. Jack Hinman, Engage's Executive Director and Founder, recently had the opportunity to talk about this unique window on the podcast Regulated & Relational.

*Podcast was recorded a little before Engage opened. We are accepting all genders, but the podcast captures our clinical philosophy.


Our therapists and life coaches understand the role and power of attachment in one's healing. The Engage team members are trained to be attuned to the young adult clinical and social needs. Our role is to provide a secure base for exploration and growth. We are here to provide security-boosting opportunities that encourage the young adult to mobilize caring qualities with themselves and a greater confidence to connect. Through healing relationships the young adult can move through their attachment distress to building a healthier sense of self and greater degree of confidence in seeking connections.