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Why Engage Young Adult Transitions?

Engage Young Adult Transitions is a therapeutic environment located footsteps away from Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah, and minutes away from the mountains. Engage’s purpose is to provide therapeutic support for young adults struggling with their mental health that is often limiting their ability to be independent. These challenges may be depression, anxiety, loneliness, trauma, and lack of purpose. 

Engage’s therapist and certified life coaches are driven by attachment theory and experiential learning while understanding the specific needs of young adults. While attending college or working, our young adults also participate in therapy, classes, and community events. It is with Engage’s therapeutic guidance and life coaching in a real life setting, our young adults are building stronger emotional connections and the necessary skills for success.

Attachment Driven

Attachment affects everyone. At Engage, our goal is to create therapeutic opportunities to better understand one’s attachment history and how it is currently shaping one’s internal working model.

Location Matters

Cedar City, Utah provides the optimal setting for the young adult to find a sense of security and ample opportunities to explore.

Our Model

Our smaller social and clinical settings directed by the participants' primary therapists better allows for deeper connections and sustained relational corrective experiences. Engage therapists oversee and guide their team of 6 to 8 participants and their Engage certified WholeFITT life coaches.

Therapist Directed Life Coaches

Coaching and mentoring is the focus of our staff, not to supervise. Our therapists and life coaches are here to honor the young adult's need to gain independence and freely move to a more secure sense of self and their relationships

Living Space Matters

Coffee Shop by Engage Apartments

Located in the heart of Cedar City, UT just footsteps away from Southern Utah University and minutes away from the mountains of Cedar City. Engage clients may choose to attend SUU; however, it is not a requirement. Engage is designed to motivate and encourage the young adult to participate in 30 plus hours of weekly activities. Along with weekly therapeutic services and life coaching students may attend college, work, volunteer and engage in recreational activities, fitness and hobbies.


Relationship Focused

Young Adults at Engage Young Adults Transitions

Attachment driven means cultivating a therapeutic environment that supports security, exploration and connection. It is creating therapeutic opportunities to better understand one’s attachment history and how it is currently shaping one’s internal working model. 


Certified Life Coaches

Engage Young Adults

Our direct care staff and clinicians are trained by WholeFit, an integrative life coaching model. It is vital that everyone at Engage is equipped with the tools and knowledge to effectively support, guide, and intervene with our clients. It's not about supervision, but about knowing when and how to coach in who they want to be versus what we think they should be.


The Model

Engage Life Now 2023

Our residential and clinical staffing model is intentionally designed to support young adults experiencing attachment and relational distress. Creating a small therapeutic milieu directed by the client’s primary therapist better allows for deeper connections and sustained relational corrective experiences. The therapist as team leads promotes an effective navigation of close and meaningful relationships. Through Engage’s therapeutic guidance one can better experience stronger emotional connections and develop new responses to familiar relationships challenges.


Think Engage Young Adult Transitions may be right for you?

Engage Young Adults Hiking
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Engage Young Adults Paddleboarding
Engage Young Adults Cooking
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Life at Engage Young Adult Transitions

Engage Young Adult Transitions offers 30+ hours of opportunities weekly to participate in group and community activities to build life skills and challenge yourself in new ways. Each week, we have a dedicated time for adventure therapy to connect with yourself, peers, Life Coaches, and the outdoors. Our young adults have season passes to our local ski resort, their own personal mountain bike, gym memberships, and access to outdoor gear and supplies for other activities. Engage's young adults have daily life skills classes ranging from cooking and nutrition, financial literacy, job skills, vehicle maintenance, communication and relational success. 

Work and College

Cedar City is a great place to go to college or get a job. Engage Young Adult Transitions supports our young adults in continuing their education and pursuing work. Our apartments are downtown, a block away from the university and thriving local businesses. Engage's young adults build confidence and skills for employment through volunteering and participating in community service weekly. We want the young adults of Engage Transitions to have real life experiences while they are healing.

Our Living Space

Young adults at Engage Transitions live independently in their own apartments. Our office is directly connected to three apartment units. Engage participants needing more direct support will reside here while others will live down the block in their downtown Cedar City apartment.

Listen to Dr. Jack Hinman Discuss Young Adult Attachment

Young adulthood provides a unique opportunity to heal from attachment related issues. Attachment theory is a major influence in how we treat our young adults at Engage Transitions. Dr. Jack Hinman, Engage's Executive Director and Founder.

Hope Stream Episode 209: Secure Parenting with Jack Hinman, Psy.D

Attachment & Autism Deep Dive With Dr. Jack Hinman

The Special Attachment Window of Young Adulthood


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